We just received a thank you from the children in El Salvador that we help to feed through By George’s “You Have a Steak in It” feeding program. Please click on the link to see the beautiful faces of these children that we are so blessed to help because of your support. Over 233,000 meals have been provided through “You Have a Steak in It” locally, nationally and internationally. Thank you from By George .


We are so excited to share about our trip to El Salvador. We returned at the end of June from our 11th trip with our church, Kingsway, to work with the children there and what a blessing it was. Last year, we worked for the first time with children with special needs and discovered that it was nearly impossible to get around in the streets of El Salvador with a standard wheel chair because the terrain is not smooth. This year we were able to deliver wheel chairs to three of the children in need. We then took a group of 45 people on a field trip to a children’s museum and what fun we all had. Our team also worked on building cinder block walls, food distribution and childrens’ street ministry. Because of your patronage to By George, we helped serve hot meals to the children in the feeding program at King’s Castle that By George supports through the “You Have A Steak In It” program. This is a true blessing to the children that are apart of this program, as well to us as we served them. Thank you so much for your support. “You Have A Steak In It”has donated over 215,000 meals to children in need locally here in Philadelphia, nationally in the USA and internationally in El Salvador all because you came and had lunch at By George. This has had a great impact on many lives. Even though you may never get to see the children in person that have been impacted, please know that you have helped them in their time of need. THANK YOU!

It's a Wonderful Time of Year!

Today, as I sit and write this post, I am thinking of the blessings that we all have in life: family, friends, a home, a meal. The thought that there are children all around us that may not have a meal to fill their stomach, just makes my heart hurt. I am thankful that we can partner with Philabundance, No Kid Hungry and King’s Castle to help children in need in our communities locally, nationally and internationally. It is a very small thing, that has a big impact on a child’s life. Thank you all for helping support our “You Have a Steak in It” feeding program that supports the organizations that I mentioned. Our program has help feed 164,151 meals to children since its start. The simple act of purchasing a cheesesteak that helps a child in need is a direct result of your support. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. May you have many blessings this season and be thankful for all you have.

The children and their families of one of the villages in El Salvador, that we support through “ You have a Steak in It ” We have be going here for 10 years and have watch many of these children grow up. It is a beautiful place with beautiful people.

The children and their families of one of the villages in El Salvador, that we support through “You have a Steak in It” We have be going here for 10 years and have watch many of these children grow up. It is a beautiful place with beautiful people.


At the end of June, we returned from our 10th trip to El Salvador, each year that we go, we enjoy the time spent with the people there. This year was a little different then past years, as we spent time with special needs children and young adults. It was an incredible time, as we loved on the them all. We spent the afternoon getting to know them and the next day we took them on a field trip to the nature reserve/ zoo. It was so nice to see the joy in these children and young adults as they learned about the different animals there.  We worked with many who did not have the correct medical equipment to maneuver the rough terrain of the country.  We hope that next year we can bring equipment that will help them. Our hearts are filled with the love for these in need. 

We also were able to serve the children who are a part of the feeding ministry. Our “You Have a Steak In It” program proceeds go directly to providing healthy, fulfilling mealsfor the children at the King’s Castle feeding program. They are fed because of YOUR part in giving back, we could not do it without your help.  For each cheesesteak purchased at By George, a meal is supplied to a child in need. Since the start of the “You Have A Steak In It” program, we have been able to give funds for 145,885 meals to children in need. In addition to providing meals to children in El Salvador, “You Have a Steak In It” supports children locally through Philabundance, and nationally with No Kid Hungry

We also had the opportunity to take part in a family feeding distribution. Each of the 300 bags we help to assembled, will feed a family of four for a week. We then got to hand deliver these important packages to those who need it most. Every year, the families are so grateful to be given this support, some women will hug you so tight and look into your eyes, as to say “thank you”, or “Gracias”.  The men will shake your hand and not let go until they know, that you know, that they are grateful. 

We love the people of El Salvador, an in our local and national communities, and we love our customers, who help us help children in need. Thank you for your part.

Giving Back

It is an incredible feeling you feel, when you give back.  I believe it is something we all need to feel. The photo below is of my son Christopher giving back. He was apart of many of our trips to El Salvador and here he playing with one of the children in the feeding program that "YOU HAVE A STEAK IN IT" supports. Over 126,000 meals have been given to children in need, locally, nationally and internationally through the program so far. We at BY GEORGE, thank you for your support. We are planning a trip to El Salvador this year, and we can not wait to see the children and share with you what your support has meant to them.


2017 Reflection

As 2017 has come to its close, we are thrilled about the amount of children who have received a meal because of the support of our customers. In the 4th quarter of 2017, an unbelievable number of meals to help children in need was raised, 16,728! Since BY GEORGE started the program, "YOU HAVE A STEAK IN IT"  109,573 meals have been shared with children in need locally, nationally and internationally. We cannot express the impact of this small act and we are so excited to be apart of it. It was a wonderful year for us here at BY GEORGE and we are excited about what 2018 has to bring. We are currently in the process of planning our trip to El Salvador to see the impact that "YOU HAVE A STEAK IN IT" has in this community. Thank you again for all your support and may you all have a Blessed 2018.

To have a stake/"steak" in it - interest or involvement.

To have a stake in it -means to have involvement or interest in something or someone. Every time you, our customer, purchase a cheesesteak you have a direct involvement or interest  in a child in need, locally, nationally and internationally.  Why, you ask? Well, for every cheesesteak that is purchased, our "You have a Steak in it" program feeds a meal to a child in need. It may not be your intention when you come to By George for your meal, but when you do, your involvement is helping children in need.  Over 92,000 meals have been donated to date, so thank you again it is a simple act that has great impact. We love you and appreciate your support. 


Summer Time!

Summer has been full of adventure for us at By George. For 9 of the last 10 years we have been traveling to El Salvador to work with the people there. This July, we were there for a week working with the children and helping with the feeding program at King's Castle, which we support through the "You Have a Steak in It" program. We have seen that the feeding program has grown a great deal since last year.  This is disheartening  because that means more children are in need, but it is exciting that we are helping King's Castle meet a great need there. During our time in El Salvador we were able to see all the children we have worked with over the years and also meet so many new children. We feel that they are apart of our hearts and family and are thankful for the ability to see them every year. If you could see first hand the impact that the  "You Have a Steak in It" program has on the lives of these children, you would be over joyed with the fact that such a small act can do so much.  

As of  the end of the second quarter of this year, the "You Have a Steak in It" program has help provided over 77,000 meals to children in need with in our local, national and international communities. Thank you for your support, this support has a mighty impact! 

The photos below are a small glimpse of our time in El Salvador. 


Spring is here and we here at BY GEORGE have a spring in our step, because we are so excited about the support you have shown to our feeding program "YOU HAVE A STEAK IN IT". With the close of the first quarter of 2017, you have helped needy children locally, nationally and internationally receive 12,102 meals this quarter alone. Since the program start in 2016, 61,587 meals have be received.  Together with our sister location HUNGER BURGER and their "PATTIES WITH A PURPOSE" program, 214,735 meals have be received by children in need. Yes, can you believe it, just because you came and had a cheesesteak or burger, children are being fed. We can not thank you enough for all your support and help you have given to us. THANK YOU. 


Happy New Year to you and yours. We are so blessed to share with you that in 2016, you helped to feed 49,485 meals to children in need, in Philadelphia, the USA and in El Salvador, through the "YOU HAVE A STEAK IN IT" program (with every cheesesteak sold, a meal is given to a child in need). Our sister location, Hunger Burger has a similar program "PATTIES WITH A PURPOSE" (for every burger we sell, a child is fed), since it's inception, this program has helped feed 133,934 meals to children in need. It is incredible to think that with the simple act of enjoying a Cheesesteak at By George or burger at Hunger Burger183,419 children have been fed. Thank you so much for your support, we are passionate about helping those in our local and global communities while doing what we love - serving you. 


On March 1, 2016 By George launched our "You Have A Steak In It", feeding program. Modeled after our sister company, Hunger Burger's "Patties With A Purpose". For every CheeseSteak sold, we use a portion of our profits to feed a child in need. At the end of the 1st quarter of 2016, one month into the program, we where able to provide funds for 6,501 meals to children locally, nationally, and internationally, (see our about page for more details). Thank you for your continued support and helping us feed children who are hungry. 

The By George Team