Summer Time!

Summer has been full of adventure for us at By George. For 9 of the last 10 years we have been traveling to El Salvador to work with the people there. This July, we were there for a week working with the children and helping with the feeding program at King's Castle, which we support through the "You Have a Steak in It" program. We have seen that the feeding program has grown a great deal since last year.  This is disheartening  because that means more children are in need, but it is exciting that we are helping King's Castle meet a great need there. During our time in El Salvador we were able to see all the children we have worked with over the years and also meet so many new children. We feel that they are apart of our hearts and family and are thankful for the ability to see them every year. If you could see first hand the impact that the  "You Have a Steak in It" program has on the lives of these children, you would be over joyed with the fact that such a small act can do so much.  

As of  the end of the second quarter of this year, the "You Have a Steak in It" program has help provided over 77,000 meals to children in need with in our local, national and international communities. Thank you for your support, this support has a mighty impact! 

The photos below are a small glimpse of our time in El Salvador.