At the end of June, we returned from our 10th trip to El Salvador, each year that we go, we enjoy the time spent with the people there. This year was a little different then past years, as we spent time with special needs children and young adults. It was an incredible time, as we loved on the them all. We spent the afternoon getting to know them and the next day we took them on a field trip to the nature reserve/ zoo. It was so nice to see the joy in these children and young adults as they learned about the different animals there.  We worked with many who did not have the correct medical equipment to maneuver the rough terrain of the country.  We hope that next year we can bring equipment that will help them. Our hearts are filled with the love for these in need. 

We also were able to serve the children who are a part of the feeding ministry. Our “You Have a Steak In It” program proceeds go directly to providing healthy, fulfilling mealsfor the children at the King’s Castle feeding program. They are fed because of YOUR part in giving back, we could not do it without your help.  For each cheesesteak purchased at By George, a meal is supplied to a child in need. Since the start of the “You Have A Steak In It” program, we have been able to give funds for 145,885 meals to children in need. In addition to providing meals to children in El Salvador, “You Have a Steak In It” supports children locally through Philabundance, and nationally with No Kid Hungry

We also had the opportunity to take part in a family feeding distribution. Each of the 300 bags we help to assembled, will feed a family of four for a week. We then got to hand deliver these important packages to those who need it most. Every year, the families are so grateful to be given this support, some women will hug you so tight and look into your eyes, as to say “thank you”, or “Gracias”.  The men will shake your hand and not let go until they know, that you know, that they are grateful. 

We love the people of El Salvador, an in our local and national communities, and we love our customers, who help us help children in need. Thank you for your part.