We are so excited to share about our trip to El Salvador. We returned at the end of June from our 11th trip with our church, Kingsway, to work with the children there and what a blessing it was. Last year, we worked for the first time with children with special needs and discovered that it was nearly impossible to get around in the streets of El Salvador with a standard wheel chair because the terrain is not smooth. This year we were able to deliver wheel chairs to three of the children in need. We then took a group of 45 people on a field trip to a children’s museum and what fun we all had. Our team also worked on building cinder block walls, food distribution and childrens’ street ministry. Because of your patronage to By George, we helped serve hot meals to the children in the feeding program at King’s Castle that By George supports through the “You Have A Steak In It” program. This is a true blessing to the children that are apart of this program, as well to us as we served them. Thank you so much for your support. “You Have A Steak In It”has donated over 215,000 meals to children in need locally here in Philadelphia, nationally in the USA and internationally in El Salvador all because you came and had lunch at By George. This has had a great impact on many lives. Even though you may never get to see the children in person that have been impacted, please know that you have helped them in their time of need. THANK YOU!